The embryo of Sofyan Consulting’s expertise as a Management and Consultancy company began in 1968, when its holding company ventured into the Hotel business, where the corporation established and operated a medium class hotel with 20 rooms, alongside other properties such as commercial buildings and several residential properties.

Seasoned by its experience in developing its business in all aspects of Travel and Tourism Industry in an integrated manner, the share of PT. Sofyan Hotels Tbk., the holding company, was oversubscribed by 300% during its Initial Public Offering in the Indonesia Stock Exchange.

In line with the holding company’s financial achievement, Sofyan Consulting decided to establish a cooperation with Brookshire Hotels, Washington D.C., in 1990. With Brookshire Hotels, Sofyan Consulting perfected all the managing components of Travel, Hospitality, and Tourism Industry, with notable names in the industry such as J.W. Marriot, Hilton, Hyatt, Ritz Carlton, as well as all the marketing channels in the Tourism Industry.

In 1992, Sofyan Consulting developed a comprehensive management system, such as S.O.P, Operating Manuals, and other Management Tools, to ensure that the products and services quality, professionalism and Good Corporate Governance are in line with the vision of its holding company to develop responsible business and investment.

With our new paradigm of selling, Sofyan Consulting re-engineered our products and services, and innovated to develop compelling halal compliant products & services to cater the needs of the market therefore it can be accepted by all, namely through the creation of Sofyan Halal HospitalitySystem (SHHS), Sofyan Halal Hospitality Information System (SHHIS), and Sofyan Institute as our commitment to deliver the best services that can be applied to all businesses, even outside the hospitality and tourism sector.

Our Commitment

Sofyan Institute offers a comprehensive Halal or Sharia Compliant Training Programs for all aspects of Halal Hospitality Facilities and Services Operations to meet the growing demand of Sharia Compliant Hospitality.

Sofyan Halal Hospitality Standard (SHHS) provides guidelines and capacity buildings to hospitality facilities and services providers, as well as related industries, and destinations to comply with the standard, providing solution for Halal or Sharia compliance management system, such as SOP, Policy and Guidelines, Operating Manuals and Training Programs that are referred to International Standard Organization (ISO) on Quality Management System, Halal Assurance System for Food, Drugs and Cosmetics  of the  Indonesian Council of Ulama (LPPOM-MUI), Sharia Compliance Operation from National Sharia Board of Council, of the  Indonesian Council of Ulama and other best practices standards in the Hospitality Industry.

Sofyan Halal Hospitality Information System (SHHIS) is a hotel management software made integrated covering all aspects from the front office to the back office in objective of a more timely, accurate, effective, and efficient hotel operation. This system consists of several modules which integrated as a whole. SHHIS software distinctly designed to support the unique needs of halal compliance hotel operations in order to enhance services to hotel guests and to increase employees’ productivity, so as they can achieve their best performance. This hotel administration management application facilitates day to day basis of hotel operations suitable for budget and Economy Hotels as well as Premium Starred Rated Hotels.

Key Personnel

Dr. Surahman Hidayat, MA


He was born in Ciamis on July 3, 1957. He completed his doctoral education in 2000 from Sharia Faculty, THe University of Al-Azhar, Egypt. Now, he is a lecturer in several colleges. These colleges are : Postgraduated program at UIN of Jakarta, Bandung National Institute of Islam (IAIN), the University … Read More

Riyanto Sofyan

President Commissioner

Having graduated from University of Miami, Coral Gables Florida, USA in 1980 as a Computer Engineer, Riyanto Sofyan obtained his MBA degree from European University, Belgium in 1990. He studied the hotel business and management through various seminars and courses from ECOLE HOTELIER de Lausanne, Switzerland and the University of … Read More

Riyanti Sofyan

Vice President Commissioner

Riyanti Sofyan graduated from Edwards College, Australia in 1990, specializing in Secretarial Studies. Later on, In 1993 she studied Business Administration in Indonusa Esa Unggul University, Indonesia. Her working experience began at PT. Freeport Indonesia in 1996. She joined as Director of PT. Sofyan Hotels Tbk by 1999 as commissioner … Read More

dr. Henry Riyanto, Sp.S.


Henry Riyanto obtained his Medical Science degree from the University of Indonesia, Jakarta. He is the Commissioner of PT. Sofyan Hotels Tbk. as of 2008. He joined the Arva Corporation in 2004, being the co-founder of Insan Madina Foundation, Madina Islamic School, as part of the Corporate Social Responsibility programs … Read More

Herman Himawan


In 1990, Herman graduated obtained his law degree from University of Indonesia, Jakarta. His working experience started in the same year as he graduated, in PT Bank Sampoerna International, in its Management Development Program. In 1996, he worked in PT. Inti Cakra Semesta as Legal Administrator. Then, he joined Sofyan … Read More

Ruhadi Widiargo

President Director

He has received his bachelor of Comunication from the Ibnu Chaldun University, Jakarta in 2002 and in 2007, he obtained his Master of Marketing in Ibnu Khaldun University, Bogor. Ruhadi joined PT. Sofyan Hotels Tbk in 1992 as a House Keeper, Sofyan Hotel Tebet and climbed his career to Corporate … Read More

Hafizuddin Ahmad, Lc

Director of Sharia Compliance

He was born in Padang Panjang, Indonesia, on May 23rd, 197. He completed his undergraduate degree in Faculty of Sharia, University of Imam Malik Muhammad Ibnu Saud of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 1997. He is a lecturer in various Islamic studies and Arabic language institutions such as AKPER ABDI Nusantara … Read More

Harish Adrian Riyanto

Director of Operation

Harish earned his Bachelor of Computer Engineering in February 2013 from the University of Pelita Harapan and obtained certification of Ethical Hacking since 2012. He joins PT Sofyan Hotels Tbk on 2013 as Management Trainee while undertaking his Master of Management from PPM School of Management. Majoring in Entrepreneur Studies, … Read More

Hasya Amana Riyanto

Director of Business Development

Graduated form Curtin University by the age of 20, Hasya obtain her Bachelor of Commece in Accounting and Finance in a fast track program with distinctions in many advanced Accounting and Finance studies. After completing her studies, she proceeded to steep herself in the hospitality industry, certified by the Indonesian … Read More

Bagus Moeshari

Independent Commissioner

Alyssa Ramadhani

Marketing & Communication Manager

Muhammad Fahmi


Ivan Ngaginta

Corporate Communication Manager

Abdulah Rais


Budi Sularko


Undang Husni

General Manager