DKI Jakarta Will Develop Halal Tourism

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As the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta has a very diverse destination. There are nature, culture, also manmade. Enough? The answer is not yet. Tanah Betawi will also develop halal tourism.

The plan arose in the Focus Group Discussion (FGD) of the Designing, Designing, and Action Plan for the DKI Jakarta Halal Tourism Area. The event was held at Sofyan Hotel Cut Meutia, Jakarta, 23 October.

According to the Tourism Ministry’s Tourism Destination Development Deputy, Dadang Rizki Ratman, the FGD was held so that Jakarta had quality halal destinations.

“The event was held to compile and socialize the Design, Strategy, Plan and Action (DSRA) of DKI Jakarta. It is that we involve a variety of parties. The principal is incorporated in the penta helix stakeholder. The aim is to create quality Halal Tourism Destinations in DKI Jakarta, “said Dadang, Wednesday (10/24).

There are 4 areas in Jakarta that are considered feasible for the Development of Halal Tourism Destinations. All are major destinations in Jakarta. There are Old Town, National Monument, Situ Babakan, and Thousand Islands.

“These destinations are the best in Jakarta. And they are very well known in Indonesia, even among foreign tourists. Development of halal destinations in these places must have a high value, “said Dadang

While the Chairperson of the Kemenpar Halal Tourism Development Acceleration Team, Riyanto Sofyan, said there was a standard that would be applied.

“Design, Strategy, Plan and Action (DSRA) that is made, must be in line with the global halal tourism standards. Of course, what has been set by the Ministry of Religion, the Global Muslim Travel Index (GMTI), “he said.

Riyanto explained, there was a reason why GMTI was made a reference. “Of course, so that the destination strength can be measured and compared with other destinations,” he explained.

After going through discussion and question and answer sessions, a number of points were obtained which received joint support.

First is the Halal Tourism Guidelines. The Governor Regulation will be issued soon, following the Establishment of the DKI Jakarta Halal Tourism Development Acceleration Team

Then, the Regional Government of DKI will immediately issue a Fiscal Incentive policy (Tax Deduction, Partial Certification Subsidies, etc.) and Non-Fiscal Incentives for Halal Tourism Business Actors.

Finally, the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government is targeting 2 million visitors to Muslim Wisdom in 2020.

Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya strongly supports the plan to establish halal tourism destinations in Jakarta.

“As the nation’s capital, Jakarta is the destination of many foreign tourists. For this reason, the destination in the capital city must be completed. Including halal tourism. Make a destination that has value. Which has a sale value of tourism. Which can make tourists visit there, “he said giving input. (*)

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