Congratulations! Aceh Won 2: Category of the World Halal Tourism Award 2016

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Indonesia champion! At least the portrait was represented by Wisata Halal Indonesia, which successfully wiped out 12 categories from 16 which were competed in the 2016 World Halal Tourism Award (WHAT) in Abu Dhabi, UAE, October 24-November 25, 2016. The announcement of the champion was reported through the official website at 21:30 WIB, Wednesday, December 7, 2016. There was also something that made dramatic in WHTA2016, Indonesia won 12 out of 16 categories and was chosen to become the overall champion. Outstanding achievements and only left 4 categories that Indonesia did not send its champion. Aceh, which was one of the representatives, won two categories: world's best airport for halal travelers, Sultan Iskandar Muda and world's best halal cultural destination. Other champions include, World's Best Airline for Halal Travelers, World's Best Family Friendly Hotels (The Rhadana Hotel, Kuta, Bali), World's Most Luxurious Family Friendly Hotels (Trans Luxury Hotel, Bandung), World's Best Halal Beach Resort ( Novotel Lombok Resort & Villas, Lombok, Nusat Barat Barat). Then, World's Best Halal Tour Operator Ero Tour, West Sumatra), World's Best Halal Tourism Website (, World's Best Halal Honeymoon Destination (Sembalun Village Region, Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara), World's Best Haji & Umrah Operator (ESQ Tours & Travel, Jakarta), World's Best Halal Destination (West Sumatra), and World's Best Halal Culinary Destination (West Sumatra). In the first round, October 24 to November 7, 2016, Malaysia had excelled in four core categories, which were contested with Lombok, Aceh and West Sumatra, three regions whose positioning had been determined to focus on halal tourism. Namely, World's Best Halal Destination, World's Best Halal Honeymoon, World's Best Halal Hotel and World's Best Halal Culinery. But in the second round, November 7 to 24, 2016, Menpar Arief Yahya mobilized all of his networks to help vote. "This is dramatic! Malaysia and Turkey are legends on Halal World Tourism. From time to time, these two countries stand out. These two years 2015 and 2016, we take over!" said Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya in the press release. He explained, Indonesia overtook the final corner. According to him this reinforces that Indonesia is solid. Red and White Voters are compact, netizens also have a high spirit of nationalism so they come out victorious. This proves that this nation is great and vote without seeing where it comes from or who it represents, the important thing is that Merah Putih wins and becomes the pride of this country. Secondly, the world's best halal label boosts level 3C, confidence (confidence), credible (increasingly trusted people), and calibration (closer to global standards). "Third, this world achievement is also as a solace, for some Acehnese who are affected by the earthquake, where Aceh received two awards at the same time. Hopefully it will remain resilient and fast recovery, for those who are affected," he added. He congratulated the winners and expressed his gratitude to the voters and all endorsers who invited their followers to vote on winning Indonesia through e-voting. Also Chairman of the Halal Tourism Acceleration Team Riyanto Sofyan, all the 2016 World Halal Tourism Award Team and all volunteers. Head of the Department of Culture and Tourism (Kadisbudpar) Aceh, Reza Fahlevi said similar things. "Thank God, thank you all, especially the voters who have worked together to win this victory. This is our common victory, the victory of all Acehnese people," Reza Fahlevi said via WhatsApp short message. He added that the achievement was not the end, but it was a long task to realize Aceh as the best halal culture destinations. As is known, the Aceh government is being aggressively promoting halal certification for tourism actors. Halal labeling is intended for restaurant businesses, products, hotels, and travel agents. This is to prepare Aceh tourism with a global standard. Congratulations to the winners. Wonderful Indonesian greetings.   SOFYAN CONSULTING SUPPORTING & SUPERVISING IN PREPARING ACEH AS HALAL TOURISM DESTINATION   Source :¬†