Indonesia Wins 2015 World Halal Travel Awards

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2015 World Halal Travel Awards, Abu Dhabi, UAE

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, Indonesia Wins 2015 World Halal Travel Awards

ABU DHABI – After going through a long process since the election in April 2015, Indonesia, represented by Sofyan Hotel Cut Meutia and Lombok, Nusa Tenggara won three categories in the 2015 International Halal Travel Award.

Sofyan Hotel Cut meutia is superior to Gloria Dubai Hotels and Landmark Hotel Dubai in the category of World’s Best Family Friendly Hotels in the final of this award. This award was received directly by the President Commissioner of PT Sofyan Hotels Tbk., RiyantoSofyan in the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center (ADNEC), UniEmirat Arab, Wednesday (10/21) Indonesian time.

Riyanto expressed his gratitude to the people of Indonesia and all parties who have supported Indonesian representatives in the annual event of The World Halal Travel Summit & Exhibition.

“Thank God, thank you for all who voted for Indonesia in the 2015 World Halal Travel Award voting,” Riyanto said in an online message to // Republika //, Wednesday (10/21).

Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) also won two awards as the World’s Best Halal Honeymoon Destination and the World’s Best Halal Tourism Destination. In the category of the World’s Best Halal Honeymood Destination, Lombok shifted UAE Abu Dhabi, Antalya Turkey, Krabi-Thailand and Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

While in the category of World’s Best Halal Destination, Lombok excels from hosts Abu Dhabi, Amman Jordan, Antalya Turkey, Cairo Egypt, Doha Qatar, Istanbul Turkey, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Marrakech Morocco and Tehran Iran.

After receiving the award, the Head of the NTB Province Regional Promotion Agency, Taufan Rahmadi, said that this moment was a history for NTB as well as a challenge. In the future, all parties still need to work hard to make improvements.

” It is time for tourism not only to deal with industry, but also to prosper and bring blessings to the people in an area. Tourism is good for all, ” said Taufan.

Of the 14 categories of the World Halal Travel Award, Indonesia managed to break into the second round and became a finalist in the category of World’s Best Family Friendly Hotels, World’s Best Halal Honeymoon Destination, World’s Best Halal Tourism Destination, World’s Best Culinary Destination, and World’s Best Cultural Destination.

Ownership collection lasted until 11 October. The highlight of the award was the October 20 night of Abu Dhabi.

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