The Sharia Economic Movement (GRES!) Was inaugurated by the Government

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KIBLAT. NET, Jakarta – Many countries have developed sharia economic systems, as well as Indonesia. Islamic economic systems are increasingly developing in the most populous Muslim country in the world. That, further triggered the government to launch the Sharia Economic Movement (Gres!) Which was inaugurated by President SBY at the Jakarta Monas Cross Field, on Sunday (17/11).

The event was also attended by several government officials. Among them, Minister of Finance Agus Martowardojo, Minister of Religion Suryadharma Ali, and Secretary of Dipo Alam, including DKI Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo and Chairman of the MUI Ma’ruf Amin, also Chairperson of Islamic Economic Communication Center Halim Alamsyah .

According to SBY, the launching of a sharia economic system is a national agenda, and Indonesia is expected to become the center of the world’s sharia economy.

“Therefore, the community is expected to play an active role in the development of Islamic economics. As a country with the largest number of Muslims in the world, Indonesia has the potential to become the center of Islamic economics, “SBY said.

Islamic economic systems can be a solution to prevent and reduce the impact of the global financial crisis. Agus Marto Wardojo explained, Indonesia’s economic growth reached 5, 7 percent and became the country with the highest economic growth number two among the G2O countries.

After the launching of the sharia economic system, SBY and Ani Yudhoyono visited several exhibition outlets presenting various sharia economic financing products. Now there have been a variety of products such as sharia insurance, sharia banking and others. [dawn]

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