Halal Hospitality Management and Consultant

  • Develop feasibility study (research and analysis) which is presented in the overall hotel operation planning and operationally accountable.
  • Support as Financial Arranger. Help the company to raise the fund for project either through the Bank, investors, and other financial institutions.
  • Provide technical assistance.
  • Supporting and developing pre-opening hotel operation such as the manual procedure, IT system, human resource development, and audit.
  • Provide halal hotel branding under Sofyan Hospitality.

Halal Tourism Development and Consultancy

  • Develop halal compliance system in the tourism industry such as for hotels, restaurants, tour and travel providers, spas, malls and shopping centers, theme park, recreation venues, and other related industries.
  • Develop and supporting halal tourism destination which aims to reach out Muslim market.
  • Provide advisory and supervision to hospitality management system such as SOP, Policy and Guidelines, Operating Manuals, and Training Program that are referred to the fatwas of the Indonesian Ulama Council (MUI).

Sharia Compliant Business Consultancy

  • Provide advisory and supervision to establish sharia compliant business covering: marketing, operation, human resources, and financial.
  • Providing advisory in developing ecosystem for sharia compliant business.

Halal / Sharia Compliance Training Center for Professionals

  • Provide Technical Assistance and Training on Halal Compliant Corporate Culture.
  • Provide Spiritual Empowerment Training / Dauroh.
  • Provide Islamic Table Manner Training.
  • Provide consultation services, assistance, and training in order to obtain Halal Certification from MUI.
  • Provide training in conducting assessments, supervision planning, technical assistance for the development of Indonesia Halal Tourism Destinations.

Halal Products and Services Certification Consultancy

  • Provide advisory and supervision to products and services to reach global Muslim market.
  • Assessment Institute for Food, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, and other consumer goods product to comply with halal MUI.

Property Development and Managemant

  • Provide Service Design
  • Provide Project Development
  • Provide Business Planning
  • Provide Project Management
  • Provide Construction Management